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Replacing Your Boat Ladder: Types of Boat Ladders

Replacing Your Boat Ladder: Types of Boat Ladders

When replacing or buying a boat ladder, there are a number of different types to choose from. Each ladder type has its own strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics that make it best for some situations but not others. Below we outline these features in brief and show examples of each ladder. For a more detailed discussion of these ladders, see the video included at the bottom of the page.


Transom Mounted

These boat ladders mount on the transom of any boat. Perfect for sailboats or power boats lacking a swim platform.
transome mounted

Over-Platform / On-Platform Mounted

These swim ladders mount on the top of your boat's swim platform. Extremely common and fit most boats with swim platforms. However, they partially obstruct your swim platform.
OP mounted

Under-Platform Mounted

These boat ladders mount under the swim platform of your boat.These ladders leave the top of your swim platform completely unobstructed.
UP mounted

Gunwale Mounted

These temporary boat ladders are hooked on to the gunwale (side) of your boat. Requires no permanent mounting hardware.
Gunwale mounted

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