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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. We can also accept all major credit cards through PayPal.

Do you have a store I can come and view your items at?
We are an internet-exclusive company. One of the way we keep our costs so low is to not have an expensive store front. To compensate for this fact, we try to give you an abundance of information and photos for each item. The information you can receive from our product description is often more than you could get from viewing a boxed item in a store.

I need xxx feet of line spliced to xxx feet of chain OR I need xxx feet of dock lines. Can you supply this?
Unfortunately not. All of our lines are prepackaged and precut and we do not do any custom sizes. This helps us keep our prices as low as they are.

I have XYZ boat and I am interested in your Bow Roller/Boat Ladder/Bimini/etc. Will it fit?
Unfortunately we do not have access to boat specific information (nor do any other retailers). So what you need to do is measure the dimensions of where you are mounting the product against the measurements provided on the product info sheet. Where we can help is if you need a specific dimension of the product we can often measure it for you.

I need such and such item OR I need such and such color, which I do not see listed on your website. Do you have it available?
Unfortunately not. Generally all of the items we have available are what you see listed on our website. If you have seen an item listed on our website previously the chances are it is out of stock. You may contact us regarding when it may be back in stock.

Help! I have such and such RV/Boat/Car/etc.. Can you tell me if this cover will fit?
Unfortunately we can not as we do not have information to vehicle specific information. More importantly, manufacturer specifications regarding widths and lengths are often very different from the actual dimensions that will need to be covered. To ensure proper fitting please measure your RV/Boat/Car/etc. at the longest and widest points and compare this against the cover you would like to purchase.

Help! I ordered a cover and it doesn't fit
You are welcome to return or exchange your cover within the stated return time for a full refund minus any and all freight charges. If a mistake is made by us, we will cover all freight costs. If you believe that the cover you received is incorrect, please physically measure your RV/Boat/Car/etc. (do not rely on the manufacturer's specifications). Consider the widest point and the longest point. Almost all covers that do not fit are the result of a discrepancy between the RV/Boat/Car listed width/length and the actual width/length that is being covered.

What currency are your prices listed in?
All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

What is your return policy?
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with your order, return it within 30 days for a refund less shipping and handling charges. Please view our return policy for complete terms and conditions.

Do you ship to Canada and/or Internationally?
No. We do not ship outside of the US at this time.

How is my item shipped?
Items are normally shipping via UPS or FedEx ground to the continental USA and USPS Priority to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

When can I expect to receive my item?
Items are normally shipped within 24 hours. Transit time is normally 1-6 business days.

How can I contact a sales representative?
You may contact a sales representative through the methods listed on our contact page.

Can I change my order or cancel it after I have placed it?
If we have not yet shipped your order you may change or cancel your order free of charge. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel or change your order. Please be aware that orders are normally shipped within 1 business day.

I did not receive a tracking number. What do I do?
If you have not received a tracking number within 48 hours of ordering, please email us with the name and address of where your item was supposed to be sent to you and we will reforward you your tracking number.

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