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Norestar™ Double Braided Nylon Anchor Rope with Stainless Steel Thimble



Product Details

  • Stainless steel thimble professionally spliced at one end, heat sealed at the other end
  • Double braided Marine Grade Nylon provides superior strength and comfortable handling
  • Perfect for your ground tackle configuration or other application where durable line is needed
  • Not suitable for windlasses

Double Braided Nylon Anchor Rope by Norestar™ is ideal for anchor rode setups or other application requiring strong, abrasion resistant line. Double Braided Line is generally stronger than three-strand and more comfortable to handle. The rope comes with a stainless steel thimble, professionally spliced, for convenient attachment to your anchor or chain. The free end is heat sealed.

This rope is not suitable for windlasses.

Anchor Rode Selection

When selecting an anchor line the rule of thumb is to have 1/8" of anchor line diameter for every 9' of boat length. For example, a 3/8" line would be appropriate for boats up to 27'. This is a general rule, considerations should be made for boat weight, anchoring conditions, and other such factors.

3/8" x 150', 200', 250', 300', 600' Braided Rope: Boats up to 27'; Breaking Strength: 4000 lbs
1/2" x 150', 200', 250', 300', 600' Braided Rope: Boats up to 36'; Breaking Strength: 5200 lbs
5/8" x 200', 250', 300', 600' Braided Rope: Boats up to 45'; Breaking Strength: 9000 lbs
3/4" x 300' Braided Rope: Boats up to 54'; Breaking Strength: 11200 lbs

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Rope Length 3/8"x150' 3/8"x200' 3/8"x250' 3/8"x300' 3/8"x600' 1/2"x150' 1/2"x200' 1/2"x250'
Breaking Strength 4000lbs 4000lbs 4000lbs 4000lbs 4000lbs 5200lbs 5200lbs 5200lbs
Model # AR150-38 AR200-38 AR250-38 AR300-38 AR600-38 AR150-12 AR200-12 AR250-12
Shipping Weight 6.6lbs 8.8lbs 11.2lbs 14.4 lbs 28.8 lbs 10.4 lbs 12.4 lbs 14.90lbs
Dimensions (continued)
Rope Length 1/2"x300' 1/2"x600' 5/8"x200' 5/8"250' 5/8"x300' 5/8"x600' 3/4"x300'  
Breaking Strength 5200lbs 5200lbs 9000lbs 9000lbs 9000lbs 9000lbs 11200 lbs  
Model # AR300-12 AR600-12 AR200-58 AR250-58 AR300-58 AR600-58 AR300-34  
Shipping Weight 19.9lbs 39.9lbs 19.9lbs 24.9lbs 29.8lbs 59.8lbs 34.75 lbs  

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