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Boat Cover, Heavy Duty, Trailerable



Product Details

  • Constructed of marine-grade 300D Polyester fabric with polyurethane coating for maximum durability, breathability, and longevity
  • Ideal for trailering your boat or protecting it from the elements while being stored
  • Double-stitched seams with an elastic hem sewn along the bottom to give a tight fit
  • Great for most style of V-Hull Boats
  • Includes Trailer/Tie Down Straps along with convenient carrying bag

Protect your boat while trailering it or while storing it in the driveway with a genuine Komo Covers® Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover! Constructed from heavy duty marine grade 300D Polyester with polyurethane coating, it is built tough. This waterproof cover will protect against mother nature, including rain and snow, as well as against tree debris, bird droppings, and more.

Each boat cover includes an integrated buckle and strap system as well as a convenient carrying bag. The elastic cord sewn in the bottom of each cover ensures a tight fit on any boat. Each cover features double stitched seams with rot-proof thread, and reinforced fabirc at the bow.

This cover will fit most styles of V-Hull boats (without cabins or center-consoles). Material: 300D Polyester with PU coating.

Sizing Guide

12-14' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 68" Beam Width
14-16' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 68" Beam Width
17-19' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 96" Beam Width
20-22' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 100" Beam Width
23-24' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 102" Beam Width
25-28' Cover, V-Hull Boats, up to 102" Beam Width

Our V-Hull boat covers result in the best fit for V-Hull boats with windshields but without cabins or center consoles.

Maximum Boat Length: 12-14' 14'-16' 17'-19' 20'-22' 23'-24' 25'-28'
Maximum Beam Width: 68" 68" 96" 100" 102" 102"
Fabric: 600x300D 600x300D 600x300D 600x300D 600x300D 600x300D
Model: BC-1214B, BC-1214S BC-1416B, BC-1416S BC-1719B, BC-1719S BC-2022B, BC-2022S BC-2324B, BC-2324S BC-2528B, BC-2528S
Shipping Weight: 7.1 lbs 8.9 lbs 10.8 lbs 12 lbs 14.6 lbs 16 lbs

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