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Travel Trailer RV Cover Installation & Care (Product Manual)


  1. Cover or tape any sharp edges on your RV that could cut or wear down the cover. Lower any roof antennas.
  2. Unroll the cover next to your RV. Unzip any access panels.
  3. On smaller RVs, you may be able to pull the cover over the RV Rope using tie ropes (i.e. ropes that are tied to one side of the cover). On larger RVs it is easiest to climb to the roof and pull the cover front with you and carefully pull the cover over the RV and then spreading it out.
  4. Zip all of the panels closed and pull the corners of the cover or the corners of your RV.
  5. Adjust the straps on the back and front of your RV Cover (if applicable). The straps should be snug but not overly tight.

Tip: there are a number of excellent installation videos from customers on installing an RV Cover on YouTube. Simply search for “Travel Trailer Cover Installation”, “Fifth Wheel Cover Installation”, etc.

TTCS installed

Safety and Care

  • This cover should be installed with two people
  • Never install on a windy day or when your roof is slippery
  • Do not tow your RV with the cover on.
  • Spot clean the cover periodically with a soft sponge and soap
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