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Trailerable Boat Cover Installation, Care, and Warranty (Product Manual)


BC 1

Pull the cover over the boat. Cover sharp points (such as windshield corners) with a cloth or a sponge to avoid stressing or tearing your boat cover.

BC 2

Pull the cover down and evenly around all sides of the boat.

BC 3

Insert one nylon strap into the buckles. If inserted incorrectly, the straps will slip.

BC 4

Pull the straps around the trailer, adjusting the straps as necessary. If the straps are longer than needed they can be easily cut to your desired length. Be sure to cut the straps slightly longer than necessary.

BC 5

With the straps cut to the correct length, pull tight on the straps. Repeat steps 3,4,5 for all remaining straps.

BC 6

Caring for Your Cover

To clean your cover use lukewarm water and a soft bristle brush. Soap is not recommended as it may remove certain protective coatings from the cover.

Always use a support cover support pole to prevent water and debris from pooling as well as to avoid contact of the cover against your seating, cockpit, carpeting, etc. Prolonged pooling of water on the cover while in contact with vinyl can result in staining. This cover can be stored in the included storage bag. Ensure the cover is dry before storing the cover for extended periods of time.

Warranty Information

Please see our warranty page.
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