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Platform Mounted Boat Boarding Ladder Installation and Care (Product Manual)


Thank you for your purchase of a Norestar boarding ladder. This ladder has been manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you can use it the most safely and conveniently.

When choosing the mounting location for your ladder, choose a location that will not interfere with the turning of the motor and that is not near the propeller.

Note: Due to the wide possibilities of mounting options, we have been unable to include the mounting hardware for this ladder.

Platform Ladder

  1. Use the mounting bracket as a template and mark the location of the mounting holes. Make sure the mounting location is strong and sturdy. If not, use a mounting bracket to ensure maximum strength.
  2. Drill the holes with an appropriate drill bit according to your markings. Be sure to keep the drill perpendicular to the surface of the platform.
  3. Mount the ladder with suitable mounting hardware.

When ladder is not in use, securely fold up the ladder.

Care & Maintenance

Stainless steel, like other metals, is subject to minor corrosion, especially in salt-water environments. Regular washing with fresh water and periodic polishing with an appropriate marine grade polish will help to increase longevity and keep the ladder’s luster.

Periodically check the mounting hardware and tighten when necessary.


  • Do not jump or dive from the ladder
  • Do not use when the motor is running
  • Face the ladder when boarding your boat
  • Never operate your boat with your ladder in the down position
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