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Outboard Motor Bracket Instructions (Product Manual)

Note: Transom mounting hardware has not been supplied due to various transom depths.

Mounting Instructions

Step 1

Measure the distance between the top of the mounting clamp to the bottom of the cavitation plate.Subtract 2” from this length.

Once you have determined the above length, add 10.5” to this length.

OBM step 1

Step 2

Once you have determined the above length, mark this
distance on a stick. Choose the best mounting position on
your transom for the motor. Make sure to select a position
that will not interfere with the turning of the motor.

OBM step 2

Step 3

Position your outboard motor bracket, with the stick taped
on, so that the bottom of the stick is 1” above the bottom
of your boat.

OBM step 3

Step 4

With the outboard motor bracket positioned in the
appropriate location, mark the four mounting holes as a
template. Drill the four holes, making sure to hold the drill
at the appropriate angle of the transom.

OBM step 4


  • If your transom is less than 2” thick, it is recommended that you use a backing plate to ensure maximum rigidity
  • Always use a safety cable when operating your motor
  • Operate the motor in the lowest possible location to achieve best performance
  • Always raise the motor when note in use
  • Always remove your motor from the bracket when trailering
  • Do not exceed the stated motor capacity

Lowering and Raising the Motor

Note: The springs in the outboard motor bracket are meant to counter the weight of your motor. If you are using a particularly light motor, more pressure may be needed when raising and lowering the motor.

To Lower Motor: Loosen the plastic black tightening screws if needed. Grasp the motor and slowly lower it to the desired height.

To Raise Motor: Pull lever handle towards the boat to disengage locking pin. Grasp motor and lift up to desired height. Release lever handle; the locking pin will lock the motor into place.

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