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Flip-Up Boat Launching Wheels Installation and Care (Product Manual)


  1. Place the metal transom brackets on the boat transom, a fair distance apart from one another. Be sure they are clear of any obstruction. The transom brackets should be mounted vertically at 90 degrees.
  2. Mark the transom bracket mounting positions. Drill a an appropriate sized pilot hole and secure each transom bracket with four bolts, four nuts, and four washers. (Note: Mounting hardware is not included due to the number of mounting possibilities).
  3. Water-proof sealing compound should be applied on the transom at the bolts. Apply 1/8" diameter bead around all back sides of bracket. Allow sealant to harden for 24 hours before peeling off excess.

FLUW Installed

Safety and Care

  • If used on sandy beaches, spin wheels in the water after use to dislodge trapped sand
  • Do not wheel the boat faster than a brisk walk
  • Do not tow from a vehicle
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