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Boat Launching Wheels Installation and Care (Product Manual)


  1. Place the metal transom brackets on the boat transom, a fair distance apart from one another. Be sure they are clear of any obstruction. The transom brackets should be mounted vertically and an equal distance from both the top of the transom and the bottom. Be careful to ensure there is enough clearance, when fully extended, to not touch the bottom of the boat.
  2. Mark the transom bracket mounting positions. Drill a 5/16” drill and secure the transom brackets by purchasing 5/16” bolts (6 total), 5/16” metal washers (12 total), and 5/16” nuts (6 total).
  3. Slide the two wheels into the mounting brackets and secure with the included clevis pins.
  4. Secure the wheels into the transom plates with the included lock pins.

Safety and Care

  • This product should not be used on boats exceed 400 lbs
  • Remove dinghy wheels when not in use
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