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Anchorlift Dolphin 1000 Windlass



Product Details

  • Designed for smooth & silent motor/gear operation under the deck and take up less deck space
  • Recommended for boats 32' - 45'
  • Up speed of 75'/min
  • Accepts 5/16" HT G4 Chain with 5/8" Rope (accepts all rope, all chain, or rope & chain combo)

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Ideal for boats 32' - 45' long, the Anchorlift Dolphin 1000 is a low profile windlass designed to take up less deck space and to run smoothly and silently under the deck. A powerful 1000 watt motor drives a vertical AISI 316L stainless steel shaft, for long-term trouble-free operation. This windlass features a high speed drop of up to 130'/min., and a manual free fall with adjustable clutch. It works with chain only or chain/rope combination.

Style: Vertical
Rode Type: Rope/chain
Line Size: 5/8"
Chain Size: 5/16" HT G4
Capstan/Gypsy Material: Stainless steel

Windlass User Manual
Dolphin Comparison Chart
Exploded View of Windlass
Windlass Diagram
Mounting Template

Dolphin Stainless Steel 1000. D1012
Motor: 1000 watt
Voltage: 12 volt
Designed for Boats: 32' - 45'
Boat Weight: 17600 lbs
Max Chain Size: 5/16", 165' length
Max Anchor Weight: 35 lbs, depending on type
Max ground tackle weight in total: 200 lbs
Speed Down: 115'/min approx
Speed Up: 75'/min approx
Amp Draw Down: 25
Amp Draw Up: 55
Deck thickness: 1" to 2" (Up to 2.5" with longer bolts - customer supplied)
Switch gear: Circuit Breaker #90100, Rocker Switch #90801, Footswitch #90900B Recommended: Combo Pack #92100
Circuit Breaker 100 amp
Weight 22 lbs

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