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How to Choose Anchor Rode

Learn how to choose anchor rode for your boat with our helpful how-to video.

Choosing an Anchor for Your Boat

This video from our how-to series will help you select the best anchor for your boat.

About is dedicated to everything anchoring and docking. For nearly ten years, we've helped boaters with every need they have while at anchor or at the dock.

We pride ourselves in offering one of the best selections of boat anchors from the classic, Bruce anchor and Danforth Anchor, to the newer generation such as the Delta anchor. We’ll also help you on the rigging end of things, offering unbeatable prices on boat anchor line. And of course when you're at the dock we have you covered as well with great prices on marine dock bumpers and dock lines.

We've assembled a number of informational guides as well on topics such as "How to Set Your Anchor", "Selecting the right Rope/Chain for your Windlass", and more. Our guides also include a number of videos to help you while anchoring or docking.