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Side/Transom/Gunwale Boat Ladder



Product Details

  • Mounts onto the side/transom/gunwale of nearly any boat.
  • Mounts either permanently or temporarily.
  • Padded standoffs protect your hull.
  • Includes mounting brackets.
  • Stainless Steel construction.

This boat ladder is designed to be mounted on the transom or top of the gunwale on your boat.

Each ladder includes two mounting brackets that are installed onto either the top of your gunwale or onto the side of your boat. The ladder can be simply unscrewed from the mounting brackets making this the ideal permanent or temporary ladder.

This is one the longest 4-step ladders we have seen. The ladder folds up compactly when not in use.

4-Step: length (folded) 29"; length (extended) 37"; width (outside of bracket) 10 1/2"; distance between mounting bracket and standoffs 25"

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Steps: 4
Length (Folded): 29"
Length (Extended): 37"
Width (Outside of Bracket): 10-1/2"
Distance between mounting bracket and standoffs: 25"
Model: SD-1614
Shipping Weight: 8.8 lbs

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