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Stainless Steel Danforth/Fluke Boat Anchor by Norestar™



Product Details

  • Constructed from beautiful polished 316 Stainless Steel
  • One of the most popular style anchor among boaters
  • Excellent weight to holding power ratio in mud, sand, and gravel
  • Easy to stow and fits most bow rollers

Norestar™'s Stainless Steel Fluke anchors combine all the legendary features of the fluke anchor along with a spectacular highly polished, 316 stainless steel finish. The result is high-performance, beautiful anchor. With one of Norestar™'s stainless steel anchors, you'll have the best looking anchor on the dock.

The fluke style anchor is one of the most popular anchors among boaters. In mud, sand, and gravel it has one of the highest weight-to-holding power ratios of any anchor. The fluke anchor features a tapered shank and chamfered edges that allow for deep seabed penetration in sand and mud. It stores easily in a storage locker or on a bow roller.

The fluke style also makes for a great secondary or stern anchor.

Anchor Dimensions and Selection Guide
4 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 16'; Overall width: 12"; Overall height: 17"
8 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 24'; Overall width: 15"; Overall height: 20"
16 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 34'; Overall width: 19"; Overall height: 25"
22 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 38'; Overall width: 20.5"; Overall height: 30.6"
33 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 47'; Overall width: 31"; Overall height: 36"
44 lbs Fluke Anchor: Boats up to 49'; Overall width: 37"; Overall height: 40"

Danforth Dimensions
Size: 4 lbs 8 lbs 16.5 lbs 22 lbs 33 lbs 44 lbs
Metric 1.8kg 3.6kg 7.5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg
Boats up to: 16' 25' 36' 38' 43' 49'
Length (A): 17" 20" 25" 30.6" 36" 40"
Length (B): 12" 15" 19" 20.5" 31" 37"
Model Number: FLK-4SS FLK-8SS FLK-16SS FLK-22SS FLK-33SS FLK-44SS
Brand: Norestar™

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