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Stainless Steel CQR/Plow Boat Anchor by Norestar™



Product Details

  • Sets easily in a variety of bottoms including mud, sand, rock, and more
  • Modeled after the original CQR Anchor
  • Constructed of solid mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hinged design makes it more responsive to wind and tide changes
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage

The Hinged Plow Boat Anchor (modeled after the original CQR) is one of the most popular anchors amongst bluewater cruisers. The hinged design, which can rotate over 70 degrees in any one direction, means that it is more responsive to wind and tide changes, making it less likely to unset. This Norestar Hinged Plow Anchor is constructed from solid stainless steel and will sparkle on the bow of any boat.

The hinged plow performs well in most bottom conditions  including mud, rock, and grass. Each anchor includes a trip line at the back of the anchor to allow for easier breakout. It stores easily on most bow rollers (and often interchangeably with a Delta anchor of the same size).

The CQR/Plow anchor is perhaps one of the most polarizing anchors  available. While some are quick to curse it, often citing poor performance in comparative  testing, the fact remains that many boaters swear by it above any other anchor. Originally patented in 1933, for well over it 70 years, it has proven itself in some of the most daunting conditions.

An old adage states “there is no such thing as a small CQR”.  These anchors struggle to have any performance with a weight under 26 lbs. This  means that a 26 lbs Hinged Plow can only hold a boat up to approximately 26’. However,  a medium sized Hinged Plow of 48 lbs can hold a boat up to 50’, comparing  favourably with other anchors.

All Norestar™ Plow Anchors come with a lifetime warranty  against breakage.

Anchor Dimensions and Selection Guide

Determine the size of anchor you need with the specifications below. These specifications assume both an average boat weight and average anchoring conditions. If your boat is of above average weight, or you are anchoring in heavy current or winds, consider going one size up.

26 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 26'; Shank Length: 32"; Height: 11.75"; Plow Length: 15.75"
35 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 32'; Shank Length: 35"; Height: 14.25"; Plow Length: 19"
48.5 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 50'; Shank Length: 38.5"; Height: 13.25"; Plow Length: 21.5"
59.5 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 65'; Shank Length: 42"; Height: 14.75"; Plow Length: 23"

Plow Dimensions
Anchor Size: 26 lbs 35 lbs 48.5 lbs 59.5 lbs
Metric: 12kg 16kg 22kg 27kg
Boats up to: 26' 32' 50' 65'
Length (A): 32" 35" 38.5" 42"
Length (B): 11.75" 14.25" 13.25" 14.75"
Length (C): 15.75" 19" 21.5" 23"
Length (D): 9.31" 11.56" 10.31" 11.56"
Length (E): 25.75" 27.25" 29" 31.75"
Brand: Norestar
Note: Plow Anchors cannot be shipped outside of the continental USA

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