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Windline Platform and Fairlead Anchor Rollers (AR)



Product Details

Windline's AR fairlead anchor roller series fits most sizes of Plow, Claw, Fluke, Delta, and Fortress anchors. The AR-2, AR-3, and AR-7 series mounts are designed to be fairleads for the anchors only- they are not meant to mount the anchors. The AR-4 and AR-5 series mounts are meant to mount the anchor on an anchor platform or bow plank. Please refer to the attached table to determine which roller is right for you.

Model: Overall Length Outside Channel Width Inside Channel Width Shipping Weight
AR-2 6.25" 2" 1.75" 1.1 lbs
AR-3 11" 2.125" 1.75" 2.6 lbs
AR-4 3.75" 2.25" 1.75" 1,4 lbs
AR-5 5.375" 4" 3.5" 2 lbs
AR-7 9" 2" 1.75" 1.5 lbs
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